Frog Dock Icons

I’ve just recently changed our Frog Dock Icons to be more festive (we have a snowball for our home page link now) and I was wondering about what to change them back to. I’ve downloaded all of the default and available icon packs from frogtrade and started looking elsewhere.

I found The Icon Factory to be a very useful resource. The only problem is that Frog doesn’t recognise .ico filetypes. I got around this by using IcoFX (a quick google search will show it up) a free resource for Icon Editing (and crucially it allows me to save .ico files into .png keeping transparencies intact).

I converted a few packs before then thinking about setting up a competition in school and personalising the Icons even more by getting the students themselves to design the icons on the dock.

I’m planning on launching this at the beginning of next term, I’ll let you know how it turns out!

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One Response to Frog Dock Icons

  1. Craig Jones says:

    Will be nice to have some downloadable icons or more icons in frog


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