Catch-up with St Simon Stock Catholic School – Georgia Harvey

When we asked Georgia Harvey at St Simon Stock Catholic School to write a blog post on how they were using their learning platform to engage students more effectively, the response was illuminating:

“We’ve had Frog for two years, and after spending the first year focusing on rollout, we decided that the second year we would look at developing Frog to enhance school life.

The first thing we did was create a page called ‘Centre Zone’, which acts as a landing page for accessing any pages including departmental websites. Next we redesigned some of the themes you can have in Frog. So far we’ve had an Olympic and autumn theme and are currently running our new winter theme.

Centre Zone

Following on from this we created a dedicated House portal to provide access to all our four House pages. Each page has the total points information for each of the houses with individual notices displayed on each of Houses pages.

We’ve been working hard to make things better for parents as well. We’ve created an online handbook for them with everything they need to know in it, they can now sign up their children for after school ‘Enrichment Activities’ through a Frog form we created. We’ve also released a page dedicated to our restaurant; which shows the current week’s menu, upcoming promotions and the price list.


Probably the biggest achievement (or success) this year has been the design and creation of our very own Frog Avatars. The avatars are rewarded based on the number of achievement points a student gets and are linked directly to SIMS. Every time a student gets five points they receive another Frog Avatar in the colour of their house. There are 11 different types of avatars ranging from the first ‘Baby Frog’ right through to ‘Pirate Frog’.  We have found these to be very motivating, particularly for KS3 students who compete against each other to get the next avatar.”

If your school have been doing some fab things this year then drop us a line at and we’ll get you up on our blog.

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