The Gryphon School – How to Engage Staff

The Gryphon School e-Learning team…engaging staff like no other staff have been engaged before…

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll introduce ourselves… My name is Emma and my colleague is Tracey – together we make up the e-team at the Gryphon School. We are fairly new to the school, and we were first met with the daunting task of implementing the school’s first successful VLE, no pressure there then.

However, we both like a challenge and full of infectious Frog fever from the conference (blast those Froghoppers!), kitted out with Frog hoodies and armed with other Frog goodies (also from the conference) we started to meet with our admin staff in order to get our Frog journey started.

First we trained the admin staff on how to populate the notice board, along with the cover and briefing areas of Frog. This meant we could stop sending out this information as an all staff email, and use it as a sneaky way to get staff to access Frog. We did have some doubts though, at times thinking that this idea would go down like Boris Johnson on a zip wire, but we were pleasantly surprised with the enthusiasm and commitment shown by staff –  they really stepped up to the challenge, using Frog as a tool to improve communication. The distribution of Frog badges really went down a treat, they will definitely be used again when the situation requires #casualbribery.

After our initial success  we then moved onto running sessions at lunchtimes and after school for all staff; introducing them to the new Frog platform – particularly the newly populated dashboard. Whether it was the free coffee and danishes, or the fact that the 40min session counted as INSET time, or most likely, the quality of the sessions (!) they went very well and most members of staff seemed pleasantly surprised by both the amount of progress made and the ease of navigation.

We explained to staff at these sessions that the next step will be migrating resources from the school network drives to Frog. Before the summer holidays we met with department heads and showed them how to do this, in the vague hope that they might do some while they’re off.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be working hard on new developments and planning our exciting roll out to students – keep your eye out for an update on how we’re getting on in the next couple of months.

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