Top 10 reasons why your school needs a learning platform

Teachers can do some cool things with Frog – create integrated resources, transition portals, even their own mobile apps and we talk a lot about those amazing examples. But sometimes schools need a learning platform to just deliver the basics so here’s a reminder of how Frog does that really well too.

Whether you need help justifying a new investment, or don’t see the real benefits of  a learning platform, check out our top 10 reasons’ on why you need one and you’ll be surprised at what it can do for you.

1. Improve those A* – C grades

Teachers can create lessons that capture the imagination of their students. Children can learn independently at home, in their own time and become engaged in their lessons, resulting in better grades.

2. Chat with your students safely and securely

The social networking aspect of learning platforms allows teachers to share resources with their students and connect with them from home. If a student has a question on their homework, they can message their teacher in a safe and secure environment.

3. Involve all your students in the classroom

By taking learning online, children that don’t always have the confidence to speak up in class and ask questions can chat to teachers through the learning platform.

4. Let your students learn anytime, anywhere

With Frog’s Secure Gateway, students and teachers can access their school’s systems and software from anywhere in the world.

5. Set your imagination on fire

With a simple and flexible design, teachers can create exciting lessons using videos, MP3s and even quizzes. The magic of Frog is hearing the pride in a teacher’s voice when they build their own web page that really catches the attention of their students.

To see the full ten tips click here

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