Year 6 transition portal

The Sittingbourne Community College has developed a colourful way to give information to Year 6 students by creating a transition portal packed full of useful information. Mark Thomas, Network Manager at the school caught up with Frog to tell us how he did it.

We actually got the idea from another school who gave a few pieces of information to possible Year 6 students. We decided why not improve on that great idea by creating a full portal.

With myself and the Head of ICT involved in the project we came up with all sorts of ideas, designs and ways of giving it the right look and feel for 11 year olds. At the end of the day Year 6s are not secondary school students and you don’t want to cram in too much boring information.

The first draft took a few days, with Frog being quick and easy to use, we spent most of our time just simply creating the photos and art work. Once it was finished, Keystage 3 got involved when they realised it would actually be useful. Our last weekend before the Year 6s would arrive, we had been given pages of information.

On this weekend we spent a lot of time developing this portal at home, I spent one evening doing draft version two, and the Head of ICT spent the last day doing the final draft, and then ‘voila!’ it was ready. The Year 6’s loved it, we gave them access to post on the wall and use the Chat Room. The portal also gave them with useful stuff that they would need to be aware of during their first term. With this set up we plan to cut down the paper prints of information we send out to students and have it all in one location.

This Portal is now accessible to the public through our College Website. Some features require logins and Year 6’s actually signed on to Frog during the holidays and posted – which is exactly what we wanted. Now with Frog fully released to staff we hope to grow this area and use it as a  marketing site to encourage Year 6 students to come to our school. At the moment a few of us Frog Champions have access to maintain the website and although I am the main Frog man when it comes to website development, I no longer worry about updating this. And with future training planned the Keystage team members can update the Year 6 portal.

To view the portal click here

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