Frogs end of year report

The final bell has rung and school is well and truly out for summer. Let’s see what Frog’s end of year report has to say…


With every school in Malaysia soon to be using Frog (that’s 10,000 schools) and with new Frog schools in Saudi Arabia, Ireland,  Singapore and Italy, Frog really is becoming a worldwide phenomenon. We’re going to have to work extra hard next year to make sure we’ve got even more languages covered.


We’ve been working hard this year to improve our customer service to all our UK schools. We’re only in the early stages of this work, but already we’re hearing good things from customers.

Lots of new faces from all over the country have joined Frog this year – it’s got to the point where we’re having to relocate to a bigger office just down the road. Last week we hit 100 staff and we still need more! If you want to become a Froggie then click here to see our latest vacancies.


It was a sea of Frog again at this year’s BETT, Froggie bags and hoodies were on show as far as the eye could see. Our stand was crammed to the rafters as always. With a strong focus on school improvement this year, we shared success stories through our Frog Trumps. Everyone was losing their voice by the end of the week, but with over 600 demonstrations delivered and more that 1,400 people chit-chatting to us it was easy to see why – good times!


This year we launched Frog4OS, the first ever learning platform designed for tablets. With mobile learning becoming a big talking point in schools, we decided to develop something that schools actually need and built a whole new technology from the ground up. With Frog4OS, teachers can create their own lessons and resources from the comfort of their own home – wine in hand, Eastenders on the telly. You’ll get to see for yourself at BETT 2013.


Click the image below to enlarge.


After another busy and successful Frog Conference , we gathered feedback from over 600 delegates. We’re already putting plans together for our #bett_show stand and looking at venues for #Frog13, to make it the biggest and best yet. That’s a Froggie promise!


After looking back over the Frog year it was certainly a positive one with lots of potential for 2013. You’ll be able to see us at lots of events next year, namely #bett_show. This BETT show is going to have our biggest Frog stand yet, with an opportunity to see the world’s first learning platform designed for mobile devices – Frog4OS. There are even rumours of a Frog game on our stand – exciting!

The Malaysian contract will continue to be a big presence in 2013 as we continue to roll out Frog in over 10,000 schools.

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