#frogchat round up – Bring your own device(BYOD) – revolution or dilemma?

It’s been crazy busy here at Frog Towers with #frog12 happening just last week. So much so we’ve not had chance to provide a roundup from our latest #frogchat – never fear though, here are the hot points taken from our lunchtime session.

Kicking things off was an article found by @jennings_daniel that included a free risk register .

This then moved us on to the safety of the devices, liability, and singling out students that are not able to afford their own.  The general opinion was that the best way to stop these problems was to offer a hire purchase scheme, or by supplementing those who cannot afford one.

Another risk of BYOD discussed was would it encourage bullies to target those who haven’t got the latest or most fashionable device? How would a teacher manage a class with so many different devices to ensure consistency in lessons?

What price would parents have to pay, not just for the device itself, but the cost of insuring the device against theft and damages, who would that sit with? The student? The parent? The school? And who would have to pay for the apps and then feed them out to students? Would an issue prevail from having different operating systems in place eg. Apple, Android etc.

Although lots of those involved in the chat seemed to think that BYOD in schools was a good idea, the results of the chat posted more questions than answers.

With so much to think about it seemed fitting to wrap things up with a tweet from @4goggas, who tweeted “what’s wrong with just doing it? One day – allow students to use their devices and see where it goes from there”

It’s all change for the next #frogchat. We’ll be running the next session in the evening so more of you can get involved. The next #frogchat will be around game based learning, further details will be posted on this blog later this week.

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2 Responses to #frogchat round up – Bring your own device(BYOD) – revolution or dilemma?

  1. Alan says:

    Hi FrogBlog,

    Thank you for including a link to my risk register; you have reminded me that I need to update it as it is quite basic and I would like to try and include some more relative examples.

    I’m all for the concept of BYOD, but you are absolutely right there are lots of questions around safety to the child and liability to the school, but for the most part they are quite easily answered.

    @4goggas asks a very relevant question, why don’t we just get on and do it? Sometimes that risk has to be taken, as long as the risk (or risks) is mitigated to what would be acceptable “reasonable endeavours”.

    Please let me know if I can help further, I would be happy to give advice.

    Alan (@esafetyadviser)


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