#frogchat ‘Bring your own device – revolution or dilemma?’

Following on from the success of our first ever #frogchat, this time we’re exploring the “bring your own device” (BYOD) conundrum. This is already a hot topic for business, but does it transcend to schools? Is this a great way for schools to save money on ICT costs or is it a security nightmare waiting to happen?

The session is on Thursday 14 June at 12:30 and we’d love to hear what your thoughts are. If there are any schools who have tried a BYOD scheme then why not share your experiences with us.

We want to know how can a school introduce BYOD scheme, What do parents think about the idea, and what are the security implications for a school.

To get these thoughts bubbling, we found an American school who are trialling an 8 week programme with 47 students. You can find out what impact this had on their school here.

Don’t forget to use the #frogchat on all your tweets throughout the session.

See you there!

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