#frogchat round up – How are tablet devices changing learning in the classroom

After looking back over our first #frogchat around how tablet devices are affecting the classroom, we concluded the following…

Nobody wants to be the last to bring tablet devices into the classroom, but at the same time there is a dark cloud of worry and uncertainty hanging over the safety, responsibility and expense of tablet devices in the classroom.

An article we found in the Prep School magazine talks about introducing Ipads into Seddbergh Junior School with reference to the ‘death of the pencil’, a point which was heavily discussed in #frogchat.

‘Death of the pencil’ refers to the fear that students will lose their handwriting skills and others such as gluing, sticking and cutting if we transfer too much of learning to tablet devices.

People also chatted about ownership – who is actually responsible for the devices along with the security of them in and out of school? Who would cover the cost of damages or be in charge of managing the day to day support? This then lead to the impending issue around Acceptable User Policies (AUP’s).

The concerns and request for success stories doesn’t just sit with schools and their teachers, the Scottish government are taking stock of  tablet schemes and looking at how effect they are at improving teaching and learning, before making a decision on rolling them out.

But even with all this uncertainty and so many unanswered questions, research still shows that ‘use of tablets in schools is on the up’ and the classroom of the future is looking like an exciting place to be!

For our next #frogchat we’re going to explore the mobile topic a little further and have a discussion around the bring-your-own-device dilemma. This is already a hot topic for businesses, but does it transcend to schools? Is this a great way for schools to save money on ICT costs or is it a security nightmare waiting to happen?

The next #frogchat will take place on Thursday 14 June at 12:30. Further information on what we’ll be covering will be posted here early next week.

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