Introducing the world’s first learning platform designed for tablet devices

Boom! The news is out – we have created the first learning platform designed specifically for tablets.

It seems every corner you turn you can’t get away from the hot topic in schools, ‘mobile learning’, but when we thought about what this actually meant, we didn’t just want to tick a box that said ‘mobile’ we wanted to create something that gave schools unlimited opportunities with no boundaries.

Mobile learning is so much more that being able to view and access school information on a device. Because Frog is so flexible we’ve seen lots of these types of apps being created by our own schools, either by building one themselves, or by getting third party companies to create them something – the one thing we found with these was that they only show web page content scaled down for mobile devices, you can’t actually go away and create resources.

So we sat down and thought about this, we started by creating a picture in our heads, the dream scenario. Imagine being sat at home in front of your TV, feet up, glass of wine in hand, while creating lessons resources on your iPad or Android tablet – that’s the future!

What we’ve come up with is FrogOS (OS stands for operating system). Already rolled out to 10,000 schools in Malaysia, FrogOS is a complete application, including content creation that will run on mobile devices – you can even drag and drop widgets in it! And all you existing Froggies using Frog3, don’t worry, all your content will run seamlessly inside FrogOS too.

We’ll be posting more updates on FrogOS on this blog and you can get more information from the CEO’s blog, but the best place to see FrogOS in action is by registering for the International Learning Platforms Conference.

This is going to revolutionise education and how teaching and learning will be delivered, and we can’t wait to share that experience with you!

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