It’s the little things that matter

The next update to our Frog it’s actually a very minor one, and one that is probably more specific to just us than many other schools.  It actually came about from a suggestion by a staff member rather than an idea of mine.

On all dashboards, staff, student, parent and governor we have suggestion boxes. Mainly we get suggestions from the pupils asking for us to put either games on to Frog or to allow Facebook. Occasionally we get a sensible suggestion from a pupil, our video page that links into our YouTube account was suggested by a pupil, and very occasionally we get a suggestion from a member of staff.

The member of staff is not what I’d call a heavy regular user of Frog but does use it occasionally and the suggestion revolved around how could they tell if a pupil was logged on with a pupil account rather than a different one.  We don’t particularly have an issue with pupils getting a hold of passwords from other users but with more parents taking advantage of Frog we had seen a few pupils logging on as parents.

The solution I’ve put in place is rather a simple one and a bit crude; when a user logs on in the top left hand corner it displays the account they have logged in with, nothing really that fancy just a nice simple graphic we put on the the relevant template.

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It looks nice and works pretty efficiently and the member of staff who suggested it is now happy and confident that the pupils are using their own accounts rather than their parents.

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