Help us set the agenda for this year’s biggest learning platforms conference

The excitement is building and the wheels are in motion for this year’s International Learning Platforms Conference (after the Malaysia deal we’re officially global now).

We want to keep you stacked out with ideas for your learning platform for the next 12 months, so we’re asking, what do you want to know?

Here is a poll for what we think are the most popular topics in education at the moment, if you think we’ve missed any then let us know and we’ll throw them in to the mix.

Keep an eye for more of these questions over the next month or so, the more feedback we get the more we can give you on the day.

Let the fun and games begin.

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2 Responses to Help us set the agenda for this year’s biggest learning platforms conference

  1. Dai Barnes says:

    For me it is great to see Frog user sourcing the focus of the conference.

    After last year, I would like to see a clearer overall focus. It was not clear if the conference was a sales pitch to schools without Frog or a development existing customer event.

    What was missing for me:

    1. Contributions about the use of Frog without developers or incorporating social media sites.

    2. Learning. At a learning platform conference I want to see evidence of learning. Innovative use of Frog by teachers with pupils. Pedagogy. Workflow.

    The whistles and bells are great but what teachers need to see, or should I say what I would like to see, is how the use of this online platform makes a difference to pupils learning.


  2. Stu Knowler says:

    What would be great would be some advice on how to drive whole school integration.
    One of our biggest problems with Frog is getting staff to actually use it!
    I actually think our experience is quite common.
    There are of course Frog champions and those who instinctively see its power regardless of bells & whistles and those staff who just see it as a logical extension of their usual working day but the arguments a lot of staff are using for not using frog are that “It’s was easier before” or “It takes longer to do in Frog”.
    I actually refute either of those excuses as I believe 110% that Frog is the way to go, period. However I’m running out of ideas in terms of convincing other staff to use Frog so some steers on how other have succeeded would be awesome.


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