Every Journey has a Beginning

We need a complete rethink about our dashboards and how we use Frog.’ is how this all began.

As a school we’ve had Frog for two years and in that time we’ve had the high points and the low points of trying to implement a VLE across the school that impacts on all things to all people.

I didn’t start out responsible for Frog, but was one of the people championing it as our chosen VLE.  We had a great demonstration by our regional manager who showed us all the delights Frog could offer but the biggest selling point for me was that it would be ours, built for us from the ground up, how we wanted it and giving us full control over its development.

Once Frog was in place, and due to other factors out of my control, I became responsible for it in school.

Great! Fantastic! Can’t wait!’ I thought;

Let’s tackle the dashboard and what information is shown to our users.

That was almost two years ago and I’m still looking at the dashboard puzzling over what information to put on there which is sort of where this (and other) blog post(s) is going.  Frog has become a massive part of the school and is accessed at all times of the day and night; even during holiday periods we still experience a good ratio of traffic.  In our first year we had over 2.5 million webpages viewed on Frog but our dashboard was still bugging me; now we feel it’s time for a change.

Not a minor change such as adding a new widget or changing the title but a full overhaul of the dashboards for staff, pupil, parent and governor.

For this, I think I’m mad; I’m not a programmer, coder or designer I just think I have a good understanding of what looks right.  I like to play around and mess until I’m mildly satisfied with what I’ve accomplished; knowing full well I’ll go back to it later and change it again.

So this is where this blog will start, the highs, lows, expectations, frustrations, elations and (hopefully) success of how we implemented our new dashboards.  We’ve got some great ideas that we have pulled from staff and pupils and hopefully we can create a whole new experience for them when using Frog.

Any feedback will always be appreciated.

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3 Responses to Every Journey has a Beginning

  1. Sounds great! Looking forward to seeing your new Dashboard design – we’re also in the process of developing our new Staff Dashboard, to take advantage of some of the newer bricks available (like the Dock) – We’ve already had a lot of good feedback and it may kick off a re-think of the Student Dashboard, plenty to look forward to!


    • R Blaize says:

      Glad you like it.

      We’ve used the dock on our ICT website to navigate to the different units, works really well and was pretty easy to set up once you’ve got your images. Just to tease, my next blog post will be about navigation.


  2. R Blaize says:

    Reblogged this on Paget ICT.


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