Experience the speed and power of paperless voting in your school

This post is being published on behalf of James Shackley, VLE Coordinator at St Albans High School for Girls.

“Paper – people still love it. As a school, like any other, we are swamped by it, but we are making excellent in-roads into reducing our reliance on it – nowhere more than during our Head Girl elections. Before the introduction of Frog, Lent term was the busiest time for the school’s photocopiers, asthmatically wheezing their way through the production of campaign leaflets and manifesto posters to be displayed around the school. Yet, all have fallen silent! This year has been the first year that our Frog learning platform has been used to deliver the entire voting process, not just for Head Girl (after a successful trial last year) but for deputy roles and roles within the student pastoral structure.

Manifestos were created by the students with the sort of enthusiasm and vigour rarely shown in the field of politics and then uploaded for approval by the relevant staff. Once complete, the documents went ‘public’ to the related year groups and the students began to deliberate and agonise over making their choices. On the eve of voting, the candidates were videoed and the footage made available, via the Staff Dashboard in Frog, to those who were unable to make the event.

Fast-forward to voting day. At 08:30, polling stations opened and from a voting populace of approximately 300, 60 votes were cast in the first 10 minutes by students accessing Frog from the ICT labs, libraries and classrooms. At 14.00pm the voting closed and by 14:05pm the relevant staff had been notified of the winner. Ready for the next day, notices were placed on the Student and Staff Dashboard Notices within Frog.

So this concluded our first year of paperless voting – not just the actual votes, but the whole process.  The students benefited from using the platform to upload their manifestos, vote and receive notification of the winner, and all of this helps in achieving the goals set by the eLearning Directors as part of the ongoing implementation of Frog:  It is part of everything we do and an integral part of school life. It is this process of ‘thinking Frog’ which is key to adopting a learning platform – by putting it at the centre of events such as these, that get the school buzzing, it engages and adds value to the school experience for everyone.”

For more fantastic ideas like this why not login to the Frog Community site and check out our Frog Trumps, or  you can visit our website for a few examples.

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