Frog heads into Malaysia

We’re sure you already know how thrilled we are to announce our latest success with the Malaysian Ministry of Education – to install Frog in Malaysia’s 10,000 state schools. The first Frog schools will be live in a couple of weeks.

Frog will make a massive impact on the lives of millions of children in Malaysia. Because of Frog and the joint venture we have with YTL, Malaysian schools will have the tools to allow their teachers and students to realise their full potential in life. We will have the ability to positively influence the future of millions of children – quite a responsibility!

Three Frog staff fly out today to join our Operations Director, Kate Heal to start their new lives in Malaysia and join FrogAsia – our joint venture with YTL.

We are incredibly excited about the news and in this difficult economic climate, it gives us the opportunity to invest back into the UK operations – we have already made significant investment into expanding our support and development teams.

We’ll be keeping you posted on Malaysia’s developments, so keep a look out for all the latest updates.

Click here to view the full press release.

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