You’ll need to Excel to be BETTer than Olympia

After another fantastic BETT show, and as we bid farewell to our old stomping ground, we’ve been considering what makes this show so unique and special, and what Excel has to do to follow in the footsteps of Olympia.

BETT 2012. The last time at The Olympia

Every year everyone puts in so much time and effort, from the stand builders through to the Frog hoodie wearing receptionists. We even traded Froggie bags for plasticine with a fellow exhibitor because they’d run out, that’s what happens at BETT – everybody pulls together. We had record numbers of people swarming the stand this year, and with the 7,000 Frog bags we gave away, a Frog was literally around every corner.

Did the Queen get her bag?

A big part of what makes BETT such a big success has to be the variety of people that descend on London year on year. From Beirut to Washington DC, educators from all over the world flock to this worldwide phenomenon. After all it was from this very show that the first conversations were had around Frog being put into every school in Malaysia, find out more about that here.

The best thing about BETT is its power to amaze from start to finish. Whether it’s the response to Billy Downie’s opening presentation at the Education Leaders Conference, or seeing the teacher on our stand twenty minutes before the show closed, light up with excitement at the thought of controlling simple permissions through Frog – it really makes it all worthwhile.

It takes all this to pull a show together and Emap at Olympia has been doing this year on year. If Excel can repeat this magic in 2013, we can all look forward to a BETT show that’s bigger, better and even more amazing. We’ve already got a few tricks up our sleeve and look forward to seeing you there!

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