Frog puts school improvement at the heart of what it does at this years #BETT_show

Speaking at the Education Leaders Conference earlier today, Gareth Davies, Managing Director at Frog, shared his vision for the future of technology in schools.

“Academy, school and college finances are constantly in the spotlight – every penny must have an impact. Whilst technology can help, to reap real returns on investment, your learning platform should become the hub of your school. We can show you how you can use Frog as part of your much wider school improvement plan.

But before we get to that, did you know, independent research has found that one in two schools fail to implement expensive technology solutions and on average, in the last 12 months, schools wasted £50k each on failed technology projects!

So what’s the problem then, why does so much go wrong? Well, first of all, learning platforms are no longer mandatory and with BECTA gone, who do schools now turn to for support? And let’s also not forget the market is changing to an academy model with a more commercially focused approach to running the business. Outstanding Academies have to mentor lower performing schools where every penny counts and is scrutinised for its contribution to whole school improvement.

We know from our experience working directly with over 600 schools that things are changing – and as we work with more and more, we are finding that the cultural change required to harness technology is very difficult if the leadership team is weak.

We understand that the first year of change initiatives are always the most difficult and so we now use a coaching model that means the school is mentored through their first year – ensuring that best practise advice from us and other Frog schools is shared with everyone.

We have also developed a unique measurement tool that goes beyond teaching and learning. The tool shows schools how effective schools are in saving time, money and improving behaviour in areas such as marketing, parental engagement and transition. Alongside this our school improvement team works with schools to identify the areas of school life they want to improve upon and show them how Frog can help them do it by aligning their own development plans with Frog. Once schools have this vision, We then provide them with a database of hundreds of real-life examples on how to achieve it – known as Frog Trumps

Technology is not a magic wand (Frog or otherwise) – in the absence of a phenomenal leadership team with a clear vision of where they want to go cultural changes of this nature takes 12-18 months to achieve. If it’s not taken seriously it simply won’t work.”

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