Frog connects schools around the world

Through the power of Frog, students and staff at Ninestiles School have been competing in a battle of speed and brain power with their peers at Warwick Academy in Bermuda.

Hundreds of students and staff from both schools have been trying to achieve the quickest time on a game called ‘Speed Sums. The game interacts with a live leader board which has been created by Ninestiles School using the Frog Developer Platform.  Both schools are able to connect with each through their Frog server without the need to set up usernames.

Speed Sums is an educational game developed to encourage students to improve their Maths skills. It incorporates 10 levels of difficulty ranging from simple addition and subtraction sums, through to more difficult multiplication sums. Ninestiles hope this is the first of many globally accessible interactive challenges it can create over the coming months.

Across the Atlantic at Warwick, there has been much excitement about the relationship with Ninestiles, a school based on the outskirts of Birmingham in central England. Warwick has only just started using Frog so this was a fantastic quick win tool to help keep students and staff get engaged. The game is proving so successful that interest is verging on  feverish, with students chomping at the bit to see who has come out on top each day.

Dave Horan, Vice Principal at Warwick Academy, commented: “Speed Sums has proven an ideal way for the school to forge an international link, and easily move beyond the isolated and rather small confines of Bermuda. Within the first week students’ added ideas to the Speed Sums initiative wanting ‘pen pal’ type blogging exercises, shared research and learning materials among others things. We recognise now that there is so much that can be achieved through this type of initiative made possible by the creative control we have via Frog”

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