Moseley Park School – iReview minisite

Today Luke Bennett (@lukeyboy135) from Moseley Park School tells us about how they are encouraging students to develop their writing skills through a fantastic section they have in their Frog called iReview:

“iReview has been part of our Frog learning platform for over 2 years now, and this year when we underwent a full Frog rebrand we decided to give iReview a whole new design.

We created iReview to allow students to submit their own reviews of music, DVD’s and video games. It was hoped that through submitting reviews students would improve their literacy skills as well as increasing the usage of our Frog learning platform.

An example of the success we’ve had with iReview is one student who submitted a review last year is now in year 11. The student in question is now applying for a journalism course – using his review as part of his portfolio.

Throughout the school we encourage the use of iReview with posters placed around the school in key areas.

The new site was built using Photoshop and then simply added to Frog using the background brick. The covers are then inserted using the columns through the text and pictures brick. There is also a simple form on a separate with a file upload brick added to it to allow the reviews to be submitted online by students.

iReview Minisite

iReview Minisite Post

If you would like to share some of the cool stuff you’re doing with Frog then get in touch either through Twitter @frogtrade or email:

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4 Responses to Moseley Park School – iReview minisite

  1. Stephanie Davies says:

    This is really inspiration use of Frog although it looks as if there is perhaps more to it. What format are the reviews submitted in? Are they re-formatted after submission?


    • Luke Bennett says:

      Hi Stephanie, the reviews are submited as a word or .txt file. We then copy a page with a review on and change the text and image. It take roughly 10 mins to add a new review as its simply use 2 text and picture boxes on a page then the font is readjusted to match. Hope this helps 🙂


  2. Roger Broadie says:

    I’d be interested to know how many students are submitting reviews and what kind of students. Is it just the ‘usual suspects’ bright students or is it engaging some of the hard-to-engage students?


    • Luke Bennett says:

      Hi Roger, We currently have about 5 reviews online. We did have more but games with years on such as Fifa we like to delete when the new one is available. It started off being the “usual suspects” but we are now getting interests and reviews from students of all abilities. We make it clear that any review submitted (as long as the game is age appropriate) will be published. All we do when we get them is correct spellings. #if you have any other q’s get in touch on twitter.


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