Is your technology delivering whole school improvement?

If it is, well done! You’re thinking like us. If it isn’t, you should probably rethink. Academy, school and college finances are constantly in the spotlight – every penny must have an impact. Whilst technology can help to reap real returns on investment, it needs to become the living hub of your school.

Come along to the Education Leaders Conference at BETT 2012 where we are presenting a range of speakers that will explore concepts and even offer practical tips on how you can future proof your technology investments by treating them as part of your much wider school improvement plan.

In our session Headteacher, Billy Downie has an inspirational story about his school harnessing technology in line with a strong strategic vision – resulting in an £80k budget saving for The Streetly School. Watch the video below to get a sneak preview of what Billy will be talking about in the session.

Our sponsored keynote address takes place at 11:10am on Wednesday, 11 January 2012, alongside the Secretary of State for Education, the Rt Hon Michael Gove MP.

Frog will share with you simple and ingenious ways to save and make money – ensuring that you can stretch those depleted budgets and afford the quality solutions that you need to succeed. It will give you an insight into some of the amazing things that schools are doing to really boost the performance of every aspect of their school. The one thing that all these schools have in common is that they didn’t buy in technology for the sake of technology. We helped each of them to develop and realize a clear vision that made technology a living ecosystem, central to the management of their schools.

The Education Leaders Conference promises to be two days of thought-provoking presentations, robust discussions and insightful master class sessions. If you are part of a leadership team or a senior manager working at a school or college and would like to register please follow this link.

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