Cats and QR codes at the Humphry Davy School

Anne Duffy, our Regional Manager in the Midlands and South West, takes us on a visit to the Humphry Davy School in Penzance and finds an interesting example of how QR codes can be used in school.

“This week Cornwall’s second Frog school launched to students, and by all accounts it’s the talk of Penzance.  Humphry Davy School extended me a warm and extremely enthusiastic welcome today as I passed their way on my travels.  It may be a little unusual to be met in a school’s reception by a cat, but even Studley and Minstrel seemed as impressed as me with the Frog team led my Miss Johnson.

Humphry Davy School have focused their launch efforts wholly on their students by issuing business card style flyers that include QR codes that can be accessed through students’ mobile device. I’ve never seen QR codes used in a Frog launch before, has anyone else used them or is this a stroke of brilliance by Head Teacher Mr Marshall?

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The school is bursting with ideas for the next twelve months and will be recruiting student champions, developers and designers next.  Early feedback from students has meant making some fundamental changes, but the ability to apply these changes quickly has instilled faith in the team and system. Getting their students seal of approval is the top priority, the school firmly believe ‘they will take pride in Frog’. Homework is already been set left, right and centre and something tells me that this is going to be a Frog to be proud of. I am really looking forward to seeing how things develop and a trip down to the Cornish coast to check up in the summer – next time I’ll bring the cat nip!”

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