Four weeks is all it takes for Frog to make an impact

This post is being publised on behalf of Mike Rimmer, from Buttershaw Business Enterprise College, who wanted to share his thoughts on Frog after four weeks.

‘At Buttershaw Business Enterprise College we have always strived to provide the best for our students in every respect. A year ago we decided that our current ICT solution was lacking, in that we did not have an engaging and user friendly virtual learning environment. After several months of research we opted to go with Frog.

We have had Frog running now for just 4 weeks and already we can see a difference in the number of users interacting and being engaged in their learning. I feel this transformation has been achieved because Frog is different as it allows a school, individual teachers and individual learners to personalise their learning environment to suite their individual needs.

During the design process the Frog team built excellent relationships with key staff listening to our requirements and producing a virtual learning environment which really works for all parties.’

About Frog
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One Response to Four weeks is all it takes for Frog to make an impact

  1. R Blaize says:

    We’ve had Frog being used now in lessons for just over a year and it amazed me at first how quickly the pupils took to it. Now it just seems so natural to them and to staff, if they do find something is not on there they are really shocked.


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