After launching a learning platform there is still a lot to be done to ensure that it is a success throughout a school. Into the second stage of their rollout, Dave Horan from Warwick Academy in Bermuda tells us about the areas they have found that need special attention to maintain expectations.

It has been a truly frenetic month of September here in Bermuda at Warwick Academy. Our students went live with Frog three weeks ago and it has been wave after wave of exploration.

In many ways we underestimated the ease at which our young adults are deft in assimilating with new technologies and, on the other hand, some of the challenges facing out technophobes.

From a staff perspective we have been busy developing websites and teaching and learning materials. This is actually our second phase of the roll-out after using the system from May as a centralised location for communication – notice boards, calendar, room bookings etc. Again, the varying skills mean different strategies need to be put in place for different staff members. Many ease into the system but many find the change difficult and frustrating. To ensure we maintain expectations and standards I feel that there are a few things that are vital to this stage of development:

  • Clear objectives
  • Regular and efficient communication
  • Support and training in both a formal and informal setting
  • Regular contact and help from Frog support and development team (who have been great even with a four hour time difference)
  • The X factor – determination, drive and a will from leadership to ensure that this is a focus!

I have been inundated with ideas from all stakeholders on how we can keep developing Frog, which have been very interesting and innovative, but rather overwhelming. We have taken stock this week and will mark time in when the present areas of development have been taken care of.

Only time will tell if we are being successful with our implementation. The dynamic nature of Frog  means that the finish line will always be moving further away, and that the success in the short term is measured by micro targets and student, staff, and parent feedback.

 It’s so far so good – but there is still a long road ahead.

Dave Horan Speaks at The National Learning Platforms Conference

For more information regarding the latest international projects Frog have been working on please visit our website: www.frogtrade.com/news

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