The Primal Fear of a Secondary VLE Coordinator – sort of a review of Frog Primary

Despite the terrible pun in the title, I’m actually talking about Frog Primary.  This summer one of Cramlington’s feeder schools, Burnside Primary followed our advice and signed up to Frog Primary.  We’ve not just showed Burnside the brochure, we’re also acting as their VLE team.

From a Secondary perspective, the idea of managing a Frog platform  *gasp* without a toolkit or *double gasp* no Frog bricks was definetly fear inducing.   I mean, how could we cope without these essential tools?!?!?  What were Frog thinking?

Actually, they’ve obviously thought about it quite a bit.  The entire platform is managed through Frog 3 editing, with a number of added widgets in the Primary Workspaces bin.

I was particularly impressed with the gallery and files drop-boxes.  These widgets allow students to upload work for either everyone to see or only the teacher.  I have already dropped some massive hints that we’d quite them on our Frog box.  (Here’s another one, I guess)

An example of a Trips and Events workspace
An example of a Trips and Events workspace – students can upload their photos for everyone to see

The workspaces are set up particularly well and it was surprising to see how adaptable they were.  The classes have a completely different feel from the after-school clubs, yet there’s only a difference of one or two settings.

We’ve also added a Primary Resources section on our own Frog box.  Permissions are set to allow everyone (not just logged in users).   Burnside has a link pointing to a page containing a Webfiles component.  Our Maths, English, Humanties and ICT departments all have a link to this same area, enabling us to upload resources that Burnside’s teachers might find useful.  Over time, we’ll add worksheets with simpler versions of questions, tutorials, interactive games and anything else we can think of.

We’ve also linked it into our Transition pages to help prepare their students for what to expect when they get to “big school”.

The end result I hope is that we’ll use Frog to build a full partnership with our primary schools enabling a smoother ride for our students as they’re hurtled through the education system.  Their learning environments might change, but maybe their virtual equivalents will offer some stability.

About Graham Quince

Frog's Technical Customer Advocate
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One Response to The Primal Fear of a Secondary VLE Coordinator – sort of a review of Frog Primary

  1. Love this idea – when is it coming to the secondary version?


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