A teacher’s work is never done – even during the summer holidays!

As we close out another academic year, planning for the next year is already looming on the horizon. To give you a head start, we’re giving you a few ideas to ponder over the Summer – you can be sure your students will be whiling away their Summer days on various games consoles – so make sure their learning experience lives up to their high expectations when they start their new school year.

All these suggestions, along with hundreds more, have been provided by schools up and down the country, and can be found in our collection of Frog Trumps; part of Frog’s School Improvement Framework, accessed through the Frog Community website. These represent just some of the great things that schools are doing to embed technology in their schools – and many of them are simple, and don’t cost a penny to roll out.

Online forums
This is a genius way to encourage further use of your learning platform or improve cross school collaboration. You can set online forums up for just about anything; school clubs, homework, question and answer sessions, or even the general election (which one school did). A school already using forums said: “Online forums break down barriers for those who are anxious to ask questions in subjects’ they are struggling in.”

Notice boards
If that old communication chestnut is rearing its ugly head again kick-start the new year by moving all your notice board announcements online and save your teachers loads of time running back and forth from pigeon holes. You can use your online notice board for anything; from important school announcements, to a ‘word of the day’ – and it’s a great way to get everyone logging into your learning platform on daily basis. One school said: “We have saved a considerable amount of money in printing costs as well as time. Notices can be added to Frog in minutes. No more faffing about with paper notices and posting them in pigeon holes.”

Support your community
Here’s a cracker of an idea that is being used to great effect by more than one school – use your learning platform to support local businesses by creating simple websites for them! You can either get teachers or students who are proficient at using your learning platform to build sites for local companies and ask them for a small charge – this could be a great revenue stream form your school.  And all the time that this is going on you’re building great links and contacts within the community that may be willing to offer sponsorship or placement opportunities in return.

Parental involvement
Instead of just speaking to parents when the obligatory parents evening comes round, and to help fit in with their busy lifestyles, why not introduce a parent portal through your learning platform. Parents can see what’s going on in school, easily obtain general information such as term dates and letters home, and get an insight into what their child is doing at school. As well as this, parents can see their child’s timetable, attendance, behaviour and assessment data. If you want to find out more about engaging parents, take a look at our parental involvement workshop from the National Learning Platforms Conference.

If you have any other examples of embedding technology in school you’d like to share with your colleagues and peers, why not add them to the comments box below or send them to community@frogtrade.com and we’ll get them added to collection of Frog Trumps.

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