Welcome to the new Frog Blog

Welcome to the new official Frog Blog – your one stop shop for all the latest news and updates coming out from the world of Frog. This new blog will replace our existing Frog Times newsletter, so if you want to keep up to date with what’s going on, please subscribe using the button on the right of this page. Don’t worry about being bombarded with emails, once you’ve registered you can set your preferences as to when you’d like to receive updates – you can have them whenever they happen, once a week, once a month or even once a year!

Alongside the usual news we’re also going to be using this blog to provide you with opinions and advice on everything around embedding technology in your school. To do this we’ll be inviting guest bloggers to come along and share their thoughts on what they’re doing to improve online learning in their schools. We want to help you collect some really useful ideas to support you in using technology in your school to enable improvements in teaching and learning.

As part of this support we’ve also recently launched Frog’s School Improvement Programme. At the heart of this programme is Frog’s School Improvement Framework – a free online tool that allows schools to discover where they are in their learning platform journey by setting goals, and then measuring impact against these targets. The aim of the framework is to revolutionise how schools measure what was previously unmeasurable – the impact of using technology to delivery whole school improvement. To get a taster of what the framework is about, and see the impact it has already had in pilot schools, check out the video below.

For further information regarding Frog’s School Improvement Programme please contact community@frogtrade.com

About Frog

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9 Responses to Welcome to the new Frog Blog

  1. freesoft says:

    Thank you..really informative!!


  2. sgknowler says:

    Nice to see Frog using WordPress for it’s blogging. We are huge converts to WP and have been blogging with it for quite a while. I’m looking at ways to embed WP content within our Frog platform beyond RSS feeds at the moment. Check out our directory of blogs via http://www.bideford.devon.sch.uk/blogs


    • frogtrade says:

      Would you be happy to be a guest blogger sometime? If so we’d be happy to add your blogs to our blogroll.


      • Stu Knowler says:

        More than happy!!! As a confirmed blogaholic I’d love to get involved. Even with the awesome power of Frog I still think there is a very valuable place for blogging within the school environment & WordPress gives us the flexibility (Much like frog does) to do many things for many people. Just buzz me a mail anytime.


  3. D says:

    Please Gareth – STOP trying to be Steve Jobs! It’s cringe-worthy so why not just be yourself?


  4. Marie says:

    Just found this .. but why are you using WordPress instead of building in Frog? What are pros and cons? Should we be looking at building our subject department sites in WordPress? Do users log in at any point? (I also peeked at Bideford’s stuff which looks great. Does it cost?)


    • frogtrade says:

      It really simply is a cost thing. To run Frog as a standalone blog is cost prohibitive. From a schools who already have Frog we would always recommend using Frog to build your blogs.


  5. Stu Knowler says:

    Ha ha, Gareth as Steve Jobs?
    Wordpress ay.
    We decided to use WordPress long before we ventured into Frog.
    The Pro’s of WP for us are the ability to build bespoke designs & customise with the WP plaftform as well as the myriad of (Some good, some BAD) plugins & the ability to update within the core using it’s inbuilt FTP. The fact that you can manage them with specific user roles was also a big factor (HOWEVER, these all have to be created manually) and that it’s pretty unbreakable & very easy to use. I found it very instinctive & it can handle creativity & nurdiness in equal measure.
    It’s continual development just get’s better & better too.
    It’s fair to say I LOVE IT. It’s so scaleable. From simple blog to Uber CMS. 10/10
    But…..It’s NOT Frog.
    The Con’s
    Unless your Grid or ISP are very, VERY friendly & helpful it can be a right pain getting serverside permissions set correctly to get the most out of WP.
    The SWGFL have just reassessed their hosting strategy & within the new setup we will actually get significantly less functionality. (We are now considering hosting ourselves).
    You didn’t use to be able to build WP Networks like you can now so we’ve had to do individual installs for each & every blog. (Makes updating a bit of a pain) However, it’s really easy NOW so in the future not a concern.

    Always happy to talk, mail about it so get in touch.



  6. Jono Allen says:

    love a good frog


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